Wholesale, delivery, customs clearance of tea
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The main part of our work is the delivery and subsequent sale of the Russian Federation of different types of goods (construction materials, food:tea, coffee, fruits and dry-t.q, baby products, accessories and more) for clients.
Products for our clients are cleared at a customs terminal in the city of Pskov and delivered to customers "to door" throughout Russia.
Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained during the training activities of the logistics - we are able to deliver the goods quickly with minimum cost of shipping and customs clearance, which favorably affects the final price of goods supplied to our customers.Just to save money, we can consolidate several different types of small shipments to a full party in warehouses in the Baltic.
Our specialists are highly qualified, they know all the peculiarities of working with weights, trancportiruemymi under Russian direction, particularly customs clearance of goods of various kinds.
Excalibur's goal - to provide our customers with a wide range of products at competitive prices in Russia, without the need to participate in foreign trade.